Gumball: I'LL SAVE YA BUDDDY *goes and tries to get to Darwin and tries to save him*

(carrie tears open , revealing it wasn't carrie after all , but the spirit of oderus urungus)


Oderus: that's right , oderus is back

Gumball: but how?

oderus: you can't stop the almighty oderus , you never destroyed me , and you never will

Gumball: we'll see about that

oderus: once my new creation is complete , you all will wish you were never born

Gumball: what new creation?

oderus: you'll see (chuckles maniacally)

GUmball: *waiting* seriously, I don't get it. . .

oderus: it's not done yet , i need all of (points to darwin) sea salt breath's energy to complete it  ,and once it's done , it will go across this world and kill every child on sight , and once their parents find out , they'll be so distraught , they'll take their own lives

Gumball: hm, well that's to bad were not getting that for you ever . . .

oderus: no need , the orb is sucking it out as we speak

Gumbal: PSH HAHAHA don't be rediculous dude, there's no way you could even find that stuff.

oderus: it's coming out as we speak , ya knucklehead , or did you miss that part

Gumball: oh I know that, Darwin just went off to try to stop it.

darwin: uh , no , i'm still trapped

gumball: oh

oderus: well , i guess you didn't see that coming , did you

Gumball: *sigh's* aww man

darwin: what have you done with carrie

oderus: well ....

(flashback to 3 in the morning)

(carrie is admiring a photo of darwin when her grandma crawls in to her room , scaring carrie)



carrie: grandma

(oderus tears out of carrie's grandma and attacks her , skinning her and throwing her innards in her closet)

(back to the present)

oderus: it was like taking candy from a baby , or rather , taking skin from a body

gumball: wait a minute , i remember dreaming about that

(flashback to earlier)

(gumball wakes up in his bed screaming)

darwin: you alright , buddy , another nightmare?

gumball: yeah , carrie's grandma again , man , muckin' it up again , but ... there were other guys this time , too , the virus was there , and some dogs, and carrie's dad , and carrie ... and carrie was real scared of somethin' fierce , man , somethin' real fierce

darwin: whoa , we better go tell carrie about it just in case , she'll know what to do , come on , we better hurry

(the boys rush to carrie's house)

gumball: hello , carrie

darwin: CARRIE , WAKE UP

carrie: [wakes up, clearly agitated] huh , WHAT THE H*** ARE YOU GUYS DOIN' IN MY ROOM , IT'S THREE O' CLOCK IN THE MORNING

gumball: oh, you know, just drop by to say hello ... see what you been uhhhhhh [searching for words] up to , what uhhhh ... how are these days

darwin: we came to see if you were dead

carrie: what , why would I be dead

gumball: hehehehe ... yeah ..... stupid .... um .... i had a dream about a virus , and your dad , and your grandma , and you were there , and your grandma killed you ... or something

[carrie comes to a grave realization]

carrie: was there a afterlife vision

gumball: uhhh ... no , why

carrie: your dream is a ill omen of GRAVE significance , but we'll worry about it in the morning

gumball: alright , sorry to disturb you

(gumball and darwin leave , and oderus sticks his face out of carrie's mouth , and giggles evilly)

oderus: too easy

(back to the present)

gumball: that was you

oderus: yes , and now , the human race will fall by my might

Gumball: what do we do now?

oderus: you can bare witness to the destruction of your race

(oderus' creation , the angel of scum appears)

oderus: i give you , the angel of scum , created with my dna , and empowered by legfish's energy , it will go about the world , killing every child in sight

(the angel of scum flies out and goes across the planet , killing every child in sight)

suddenly Mr. small starts shooting orderous with a gun ou of no where*

oderus: do you really think your primitive weapon can harm 1 who has survived the realms of deep space

mr. small: well i was kinda hopin'

oderus: prepare for eternity mortal (swings his sword at mr. small)

mr. Small: *starts shooting more randomly and dodges*

oderus: you can't kill me , mortal , i'm already dead (decapitates mr. small and consumes his soul) thanks for the short fight , though

Gumball:aww, he was such a calm guy

oderus: at least , i gave him a swift death

Gumball: some how we will destroy you oderus just wait!

oderus: you can't kill me , kitty cat (pulls out his sword) i'm already dead

Gumball: . .. . .F*CK

oderus: you should feel privileged , you were the 1st creatures besides myself to witness the angel of scum in person , unfortunately for you , it's time to die

Gumball: *swings a sword at him angerly*

oderus: come on , do you REALLY think THAT'S gonna stop me , kid , i'm immortal , and besides , i'm already dead

Gumball: even if you are dead nigga you gonna get squeashed some how because of your weakness when I find it

oderus: kid , i'm a extraterrestrial warlord , i can't be killed , i'm immortal

Gumball: keep thinking that dude

oderus: i've been slaughtering fools since before you were even born

Gumball: hm, what's your weakness

oderus: HA , don't make me laugh , i have no weakness , and even if i did , i CERTAINLY wouldn't tell YOU it

Gumball: ok

oderus: that's it , that's all you got , i was expecting more

Gumball: well , what do YOU have to say

Oderus: well , i have this , you won't make it out of this alive

Gumball: *sigh's* well, *turns to penny and darwin* penny, before I die, I want to say I love you so much, and darwin, I alway's loved hanging with you *sniff*

Darwin: *cries* I'll miss you gumball

Gumball: *cries* I'll miss you too darwin

they both cry hugging each other*

oderus: such pathetic creatures you are , well , i hope you like metal in your bodies

Gumball: metal? what do you mean?

(oderus unsheathes his sword)

oderus: this

Gumball: *backs up* please don't kill me. . .

oderus: too late ,1st i'll start with you , , then cloudy jay , then pink hair , then deer lady , and finally , fish breath

Gumball: *runs away* you can't catch me!

oderus: do i detect a hint of cowardice


oderus: oh , this is just too easy

(loki appears and captures gumball)

loki: i'd be more careful if i were you


darwin: loki

loki: yes , but i didn't come alone

(the hounds of tindalos appear)

Gumball: *struggling to get free*

oderus: struggle all you want , there's nothing you can do, and besides , even if you do make it out of this alive , you'll still be the last humans in existence , either that or the angel of scum will come for you , either way , your race will be no more

Gumball: SHUT UUUP

oderus: ooh , getting a little nippy , aren't we

Gumball: you'll eat your words fart face

(loki conjures tape and tapes gumball's mouth shut)

loki: QUIET

Darwin: I'LL SAVE YOU *stabs loki in the heart with a sword*

loki: you can't kill me , i'm a god

Darwin: aww . . .

(the hounds of tindalos surround darwin)

loki: ok , doggies , it's feeding time

(the hounds of tindalos attack darwin)

Darwin: *remembers the time he smacked a predator* (angerly smacks the hounds) BAD, BAD HOUNDS!

(a hound bites darwin)

Darwin: AAAAAAAHHH DX *sniff* this makes no sence, that predator backed down when I slapped him

oderus: oh , these guys aren't cowards

Darwin: *runs far away*

oderus: oh no you don't (captures darwin)

Dawrin: *smacks him* BAD, BAD ODERUS

oderus: really

Darwin: yeah *lookiing mad* you gonna cry or what?

oderus: that didn't even hurt

Darwin: *starts crying himself in frustration*

oderus: and you think I'M a baby

loki: eh , i've seen worse

his mom goes demonic and attacks loki and free's darwin*

(the hounds of tindalos attack nicole)

Nicole: *is killed*

oderus: that wasn't too hard

richard comes in beating up oderus for that*

(oderus impales richard with his sword)

richard dies*

oderus: not hard at all


loki: it won't be so bad , soon , you and all your little friends will be joining him , in the next world

Darwin: I might go down, but I'll go down fighting

Oderus: suit yourself

Gumball: *attacks oderus and tries to free him self*

Darwin: YEAH BOY

Oderus: you're more fiesty than i thought

Gumball: *attacking him more and more trying even harder to free himself*

Darwin: come on Gumball show him whose boss!

oderus: ENOUGH OF THIS (smacks gumball away) you may think youre strong , but i've been killing fools since before your great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather was even born

Gumball: oh yeah

Darwin: keep trying to escape gumball! we'll get away together forever!

Oderus: that's what you think

Gumball: *keeps trying to escape harder*

oderus: struggle all you want , your situation is futile , there will be no surviving this battle , and nobody will be coming to rescue you

Darwin: *goes to try to free him*

(oderus kicks him aside)

oderus: like i said , your situation is futile

Darwin: *finds his life force and crush's it*

oderus: you can't kill me , fish breath .... i'm already dead

Darwin: *keeps trying and trying to get gumball free no mater what*

oderus: well , i'm bored , (to loki) feel like having a drink in valhalla

loki: sure , we'll let the angel of scum take care of them when it comes back

(oderus , loki , and the hounds of tindalos return to valhalla)

Darwin: well, at least they're gone

Penny: but what about when that thing comes back

Gumball: we'll be ready

Darwin: yeah, I think I'll prepare for it *starts doing gym excercises preparing for them to get huge and strong*

Gumball: I don't think that'll help much

Darwin:you sure gumball? the more stronger I am the more of a chance we have of beating down the enemies and winning!

gumball: are you sure , because we're not exactly "fit" for it , besides , even if we do win , we'll be the last humans left in existance

Darwin: yeah, not yet for us atleast, I've got a plan to keep everyone safe as soon as I get huge muscles ^ ^

masami: let it go man

Darwin: why would I let it go masami? if I don't do this anyways how would anyone be saved?

racheal: i think masami's right , even if you do this forever , you won't build muscle

Darwin: YOU CAN'T STOP ME FROM WHAT I'M TRYING TO DO! NOTHING CAN *starts lifting weights faster and doing gym work faster*

gumball: you can't build muscle mass , you literally can't , you're just a kid , like us

Darwin: YOUR NOT STOPPING ME *goes faster and faster*

(darwin tires out)

darwin: i think you guys were right , i haven't bulked up any

gumball: that's what we've been trying to tell you

penny: you're too young to develop muscles

racheal: you'll have to fight the creature without big muscles

masami: relying only on your wits

gumball: even if we die , we'll die together

Darwin: *sigh's* yeah ^ ^

(at that moment , the angel of scum arrives , having killed every child on earth , and is now fully intent on killing gumball , darwin , penny , racheal , and masami)

gumball: guess we got a wake up call

(the angel of scum roars and attacks the kids)

Darwin: *starts attacking the angel of scum*

(gumball , racheal , penny , and masami join in)

Gumball: *stabs the bad angel to death*

(the angel of scum knocks all the kids off)

the kids keep trying to kill the scum angel*

(the angel of scum grabs penny by the throat)


gumball beating up the angel*

(the angel of scum uses penny as a human shield)

Gumball: GAAHH, YOU JERK YOU MADE ME HURT PENNY *looks at penny* I'm sorry my sweet love but he made me do it

penny: i'm alright

(the angel of scum bites the back of penny's head)


Darwin: *slaps the angel of scum* bad! bad angel of scum!

(the angel of scum bites darwin and gouges his eye out)

Darwin: AAAH, MY EYE


Darwin: *puts on a bandage and puts an eye patch over it* cool, I'm a pirate now *pulls out a sword from out of knowhere and starts slashing the angel*

(the angel of scum flaps it's wings , blowing the sword out of his hands)

Darwin: *doges* shoot what now?

(the angel of scum roars)

Darwin: *thinks* hmm, I think I have an Idea *gets out the sword and stabs angel scum in the weak spot really hard*

(the angel of scum roars in anger)

Darwin: YES YOU LIKE THAT *stabs more and laugh's evily like a maniac*

gumball: DARWIN

darwin: oh , sorry , guess i got a little carried away

Gumball: *tries to beat up the angel* HI YA

(the angel of scum flies off)

Gumball:well it's gone now . . .

(the kids look on at the rest of the world , which is now devoid of human life , except for them)

Gumball: were the only ones on earth, but where's penny?

penny: i've been here the whole time

Gumball: oh yeah, I knew that

racheal: well , it looks like we're the last of our kind

Gumball: yeah, but one day me and penny might get married and we'll make new populations. . . .sort of. . .

darwin: i don't think you guys could repopulate the earth in a short amount of time

Gumball: oh, right, now what?

masami: i guess we'll just have to spend the rest of our lives as the last humans in existence

Gumball: yeah, so where will we live?

darwin: here , silly

Gumball: oh yeah , what do you all say we go to my house

(the kids go to gumball and darwin's house)

they play video games*my house

(the kids go to gumball and darwin's house)

they play video games*