"Man, what a rancid flight." Says Balsac, stretching out his arms as he heads through the gangplank, to the baggage claim.

"Yea this reminds me of that one concert in Belgium." Says Sleazy Absolute shit that was. I'm just glad that we are finally in Savannah, and we are ready to perform our new concert program."

The group leisurely walked to the baggage claim, enjoying their surroundings, as the group had never been to Savannah before. This would be an experience for them all.

"Dude, check this out, it totally looks like this guys dick is on my head!" Says Beefcake, as he poses underneath a marble statue of well hung man. The tip of his penis barely dips far enough to touch him, but the group laughs anyways, and they pick up their baggage. Their baggage consists of nothing but a few loincloths, extra spikes, and of course the infamous "Cuttlefish of Cthulhu", the main rubber penis of the group. They make their way out of the airport, and fittingly, a hearse is waiting outside to take them to their "hotel". Their hotel is nothing really more than a small homeless village, that was filled with crack addicts, deadbeats, and people down on their luck. A perfect fit for them. The hearse dropped them off, and as it drove away, Sawborg had a terrible realization. "FUCK DUDE!" He worriedly exclaimed, "THE CUTTLEFISH IS IN THAT HEARSE!" The vehicle was already far gone though, and without any transportation, the band was, well, they were screwed. (To be continued....)